It’s been called a “second pandemic” — the mental health implications of the global health crisis, political unrest, economic uncertainty, rising unemployment, social isolation, remote work, home schooling, and so much more. And while it can feel like the first pandemic has been with us long enough for employees to have accessed the necessary resources and strategies for handling their stress, the fact is, many of us are struggling more, not less.


Talking about mental health can feel tricky at best for some and terrifying at worst, for others. And it becomes a vicious cycle — the less people talk about it at work, the more the stigma grows. To break this cycle, Mollie chooses to address the issue proactively, strategically, and thoughtfully with organisations, big and small. We have a responsibility to our employees to create an open, inclusive and safe environment that allows them to bring their whole selves to work. Mollie tackles why leaders at all levels need to put mental health “on the table” — to talk about it, invite others to talk about it, and work actively to make emotional inclusion in the workforce, the new norm.

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