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Workplaces with greater psychological safety and emotional inclusion will make it possible for everyone to contribute and thrive.

Amy C. Edmondson

Professor, Harvard Business School; Author, Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well (Atria, 2023) and The Fearless Organization (Wiley, 2018)

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When Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu founded Emotional Inclusion® in the workforce three years ago, she was on a mission to rid emotional unwellness shame and stigma in companies. She realized that companies with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion platforms spoke of all kinds of inclusion but neglected to tackle emotional inclusion or the act of caring for the emotional realms of individuals in a measurable and sustainable manner. The robotic, productivity-driven, and bustling work culture cultivated over the years morphed what it meant to be ‘human’ and ‘emotionally inclusive’ at work. The pandemic has turned the corporate landscape upside down and shed more light on the significance of emotional wellbeing. It has become more apparent now than ever that there is a need for new, evidence-backed, confidential, and medical-based workplace solutions that are more compassionate and considerate of employee wellbeing and welfare.

Part treatise and part deliberation, Emotional Inclusion® takes readers through the core of Mollie’s advocacy. The book, as she writes, seeks to ‘lift the stigma around talking about emotional wellness at work, and make Emotional inclusion the powerful new status quo’ in workplaces present and future. It discusses emotional inclusion’s organizational definition, shares personal stories on the subject, and offers steps that companies and organizations can and should take to create more emotionally inclusive workplaces that have a transformative impact on employees’ emotional wellness and productivity. In doing so, the book looks to champion courage and create an emotional inclusion movement revolution of change—together.

About the Author

Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu is the General Manager of French fashion and accessory company, Longchamp, in Singapore and Malaysia, a keynote speaker, and Founder of Emotional Inclusion, a non-profit organization where she exercises passionate advocacy for humanizing the workforce.

A seasoned veteran of the people industry, Mollie has listened to and witnessed countless stories of individuals struggling to navigate work while facing the ‘perfect storm’. Over her two-decade-long career, Mollie has grappled with the reality of the subject matter and the urgent need to advocate a safe platform where emotions can be heard, recognized, and dealt with. ...


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A Humanising Revolution At Work

“Mollie puts the spotlight on emotional inclusion as a crucial aspect of making work more human and more effective.”

Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School


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