Episode 9

Walking the Talk of Emotional Inclusion at HP


with Yves Cabanac

Vice President of HP – Greater Asia Operations and HP Sales Digital Transformation


Episode Summary

In this episode, Yves Cabanac, the Vice President of HP – Greater Asia Operations and HP Sales Digital Transformation, shares with us what it takes to change corporate culture, adapt to change, and find ways to support employees; to push forward growth not only in business, but also trust within the company.

In this Episode:

The "How are you?" question - encouraging conversations about emotions in the workplace and learning the act of truly listening

How cultural differences affect the different engagements in the workplace

Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employees and companies

Managing change and emotions of people through this digital transformation

Emotional trust, authenticity, and empathy from leaders toward their people

Corporations’ moral obligations, responsibilities, and support towards their employees

HP’s Mental Health First Aiders and the support it brings for the people

The use of the Emotion Wheel and weekly emotion and feelings survey within teams

Changes of digitalization to management

Important Quotes:

"So when you are leading this digital transformation like I do in our organization, I know that the key success factor is to ensure that you manage the change, you manage the emotions of our people, vis-à-vis change."

"If a company wants to be successful in this digital transformation, they need to have this emotional inclusion. They need to understand their people and deal with those emotions with this transparency that more and more employees are looking for."

"We are truly humans at work. And if we fail to recognize that, we fail to lead altogether."

"We need trust to change and organize an organization. Trust is only received when showing one’s humanness."

"Psychological safety really does lead to interpersonal bravery and courage."

"Corporations have the moral obligation to take care of their people."

"Without clarity and honesty, we simply do not progress."

"There is not one recipe for being a good leader. I think the best recipe is see yourself for who you are and manage accordingly."

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