Episode 3

Emotional Inclusion & Hospitality, The Business Of People



Stephane Fabregoul

Managing Director – JW Marriott Singapore South Beach – St Regis


Episode Summary

In this episode of the Emotional Inclusion podcast, Stephane Fabregoul, Managing Director – JW Marriott Singapore South Beach – St Regis Singapore at Marriott International, talks about emotional inclusion in the hospitality industry, transformational leadership, why team development should never stop, the importance of being available to your team and so much more.

In this Episode:

[2:01] Guest introduction.

[4:32] Emotional inclusion in the world of hospitality.

[12:01] Why emotional inclusion has not been done yet in the hospitality industry.

[16:35] The impact of covid in the hospitality industry and emotional inclusion.

[18:49] Transformational leadership.

[26:56] His experience where there is a need for emotional inclusion in the hospitality industry.

[45:01] Episode takeaway.

Important Quotes:

"We should never stop to develop our team."

"To provide an inspiring environment."

"Details make the difference."

"Be available to your team, listen to your team, inspire them, empower them to do what they have to do and the business will go very easily."

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