Episode 16

Emotional Inclusion x Lufthansa Systems with Olivier Krueger



Olivier Krueger

Global CEO of Lufthansa Systems


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu and Olivier Krueger talk about how the pandemic has shifted the ways of leadership by using communication technology in exercising empathy, empowerment, and mental and emotional support for their teams and the employees.

Olivier Krueger

is the global CEO of Lufthansa Systems. Lufthansa Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It draws its unique strengths from an ability to combine profound industry know-how with technological expertise and many years of project experience. Formed as a spinoff of the Lufthansa Systems Group Airline Solutions division, the company continues to be a brand now familiar to the airline industry worldwide. The company offers its more than 350 airline customers an extensive range of successful and in many cases, market-leading products for the aviation industry. Lufthansa Systems also supports its customers both within and outside the Lufthansa Group consulting services and experience it has gained in projects for airlines of every size and business model. Having worked in many countries around the world leading large international multicultural teams throughout his career, Olivier is known to be an empathetic and humble leader. Close to his people, many are those who testify that Olivier leads from the heart.

In this Episode:

Effects of the pandemic on employees and company responsibility to act

What is true leadership?

Importance of empathy and listening in leadership

Company response and adaptation to the pandemic

Importance of communication technology within the company during the pandemic

Empathy and empowerment in leadership

Importance of trust and diversity in companies

Lufthansa Systems’ “Playbook”

Breaking the stigma of seeking help in dealing with mental health issues

Important Quotes:

“Don’t work hard to develop a passion, but find your passion and then work hard to become the best in what you love.” - Olivier Krueger

“Leadership is all about developing people and helping others reach their full potential.” - Olivier Krueger

“Empathy entails truly feeling the emotions of the other person and doing so without judgement and criticism.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

“If you look into tools and approaches that helped certainly, though creating a sense of “You're not alone in this.” was equally important and it had to be addressed in the empathy level. ” - Olivier Krueger

“We’re doing it because we believe that we are a much better company, a better community, if we have that diversity throughout the entire company.” - Olivier Krueger

“Empowering leadership is the choice of leaders to engage in behaviors that allocate greater responsibility and freedom to followers, and effectively increase their motivation levels which may ultimately lead to higher levels of success.” - Olivier Krueger

“When people feel empowered, they truly believe in themselves and promote that optimism and can-do spirit that gets things done faster and better.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

“Trust and allowing others actually to be empowered, is something that doesn't cost you a single cent but help you to create an organization that is extremely effective and a lot of fun to work in.” - Olivier Krueger

“We need to make sure that we shape the circumstances in a way that it’s not only support in a technical way but also in a mental and psychological way.” - Olivier Krueger

“Emotional inclusion is not a side topic. It’s a key to success.” - Olivier Krueger

“Listening to others not only on the surface, makes a difference.” - Olivier Krueger

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