Episode 8

Ask Me Anything! Emotional Inclusion Q&A



Mollie Jean De Dieu

General Manager for Longchamp Singapore & Malaysia – Ei Founder & Activist


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu answers 10 thought provoking, and most asked questions about Emotional Inclusion; and shares with us 5 ingredients to achieve it.

In this Episode:

[5:02] Mollie answers 10 thought provoking, and most asked questions about Emotional Inclusion.

[19:05] Mollie leaves us with 5 ingredients to Emotional Inclusion:

1. Practice daily egolessness: caring for each other’s emotional wellness calls for inquisitiveness, mindfulness and understanding.

2. Be open to forgo the old: business ways that once worked no longer are in this ‘new normal.’ This is a fact. We are at a crucial time now: it calls for new thinking, and new thinking leads to new doing.

3. Connect to your humanness: emotions are a universal human trait we all share. Refusing to see the humanity in each other, is denying ourselves the right to be.

4. Lead by example: Leadership is not a position or title. The world is changed by your example and action.

5. Do not make assumptions: --unless you know the full story. If in doubt, always ask the person directly. It might sound like a trivial ‘ingredient’ so as to speak but it really isn’t. We all look for answers that confirm our beliefs, but what if our beliefs are wrong?

Important Quotes:

"Silence around what matters IS the most powerful scream."

"Deadening emotions at work, is an archaic message that is now ringing hollow.

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