Episode 25

Stigma: An Excerpt from the NEW BOOK



Mollie Jean De Dieu

General Manager for Longchamp Singapore & Malaysia – Ei Founder & Activist


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu,the founder of Emotional Inclusion, offers us a glimpse into her latest book, “Emotional Inclusion: A Humanizing Revolution at Work”. She recounts real-life workplace stories that illustrate the challenges people face and how fostering emotional inclusion can lead to improvements in the workplace for everyone.

In this Episode:

Stigma in the workplace

Effects of workplace experience on performance

Fears and struggles from expectations

Anxiety in work influencing personal life

Pressure from societal norms

Importance of seeking help

Power of authenticity and vulnerability

Important Quotes:

"Emotional inclusion invites others to look into our humanness. Being emotionally inclusive means being emotionally and mutually accepting of one another."

"The mind-body connection is undeniable when it comes to discussing mental health or emotional wellness holistically."

"There is an urgency to look at stigma as a gateway to creating emotionally inclusive workplace cultures."

"Emotional inclusion invites us to change the core of our discriminating attitude and false assumptions when labeling each other's humanity."

"There is no question that emotionally inclusive companies communicate tools and strategies to address and spot anxiety, depression, stress, and mental illness overall."

"The stigma of mental illness is one of the top reasons that people do not receive care."

"Emotional inclusion puts emotional intelligence into action in a medicalized, confidential, and purpose driven way."

"Whichever way we choose to tackle emotional inclusion, the pull is just greater than us at this stage."

"Emotional inclusion calls for the dialogue to be deepened, and the stigma to be weakened."

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