Episode 1

Emotional Inclusion & Bravery



Margie Warrell

Courageous Leadership Speaker, Founder of Global Courage, Bestselling Author

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Emotional Inclusion podcast, Margie Warrell, Author and International Speaker, talks about about her book You’ve Got This, the importance of bravery, owning your emotions, fulfilling your potential and so much more.

In this Episode:

[2:04] Guest introduction.

[4:12] Importance of bravery.

[6:18] Bravery.

[11:15] Speaking about bravery.

[15:01] Owning your emotions.

[22:08] Her book You've Got This.

Important Quotes:

"Fear is the biggest barrier to people fulfilling their potential."

"It's okay for you not to be okay."

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