Episode 2

Emotional Inclusion & Psychological Legitimacy



Leanne Robers

Psychologist, Coach to Leaders & Co-Founder She Loves Tech


Episode Summary

In this episode of the Emotional Inclusion podcast, Leanne Robers, Psychologist, Coach to Leaders & Co-Founder She Loves Tech, talks about about how your emotions influence you, bilateral tapping, navigating your emotions, why you need to be kinder to yourself and so much more.

In this Episode:

[2:02] Guest introduction.

[3:54] How emotions influence you.

[7:27] Your emotions are your strength.

[18:15] Working from home.

[23:15] Sub personalities.and the consequences of covid.

[32:46] Bilateral tapping.

[41:39] Navigating your emotions.

Important Quotes:

"We are in so many ways different people in our work and different people in our personal lives."

"Be kinder to yourself."

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