Episode 26

Ei x Dr. Kathy Pike: From Index to Action in Workplace Mental Health



Dr Kathy Pike

Psychologist, CEO of One Mind and Professor of Psychology at Columbia University


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu, founder of the non for profit organization, Emotional Inclusion in the workforce, and Dr. Kathy Pike, psychologist, CEO of One Mind and Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, explores the transformative impact of the Mental Health at Work Index. They discuss how this tool assists global leaders and organizations in developing and implementing best practices that have a measurable impact on workforce mental health. The episode also highlights how advancing scientific research on mental illness can significantly transform organizations, fostering environments that enhance the well-being of individuals, teams, and communities, thereby improving overall workplace dynamics.

Dr. Kathy Pike

Dr. Kathy Pike is the founder and past director of the WHO Center for Global Mental Health and professor of psychology at Columbia University. She is also the CEO of One Mind. Dr. Pike has international experience in global mental health discussion. She has published over 100 articles and book chapters on eating disorders, culture, psychopathology, global mental health, and mental health in the workplace. A long-time advocate for increasing access to mental health services, Dr. Pike has provided consultation on mental health policy to Japanese parliamentary representatives and to the United States Mental Health Policy Organizations. She’s also committed to supporting workplaces in their efforts to address mental health in the workplace. As such, she consults with global corporations with the aim of integrating best practices to reduce the burden of mental illness and enhance mental health and wellbeing in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

In this Episode:

Challenges in addressing the complexity of issues that need to change regarding mental health in the workplace

Changing cultures and transformation through structural and systemic changes

Mental Health at Work Index for Leaders and Organizations

3 Ps Framework: Protection, Promotion, Provision

Strategies at One Mind at Work

AI as an aid for Mental Health Professionals

Important Quotes:

“Taking care of our mental health is, it’s a verb. It’s not a noun. It's dynamic and it’s changing. And so this idea of emotional inclusion that you’ve put forward, I think is one that’s really powerful because it means it’s an invitation.” - Dr. Kathy Pike

“We have this false dichotomy that what’s good for business is not good for mental health and what’s good for mental health is not good for business. And that’s just flat out wrong. Data is overwhelmingly clear that when we take care of our people, when you take care of people’s mental health and wellbeing, it’s good for the people, it’s good for their teams, it’s good for their families, it’s good for the community, it’s good for the workplace.” - Dr. Kathy Pike

“Mental health and wellbeing and focusing on these issues in the workplace, you have to continuously demonstrate that it matters. You have to prove and continue to promote buy-in within the organizations. So you need to be able to demonstrate that what you’re doing is having an impact on what you’re aiming to impact.” - Dr. Kathy Pike

“Emotional intelligence is all about knowing how to navigate our emotions and the emotions of the people we interact with. Whilst emotional inclusion on the other hand, puts emotional intelligence into action.” - Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu

“Inclusion is a verb and being inclusive of each other’s emotional realm, as you and I are so aligned with, is something that we need to do.” - Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu

“Nothing will replace who we are as human beings but how AI can bring in additional insights and broaden our perspectives based on the humanity that resides within all of us is going to be fascinating.” - Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu

“Emotional intelligence versus emotional inclusion, it’s one thing for leaders to know, it’s another for leaders to do. And leaders are really building capacity around mental health and wellbeing at the most progressive organizations.” - Dr. Kathy Pike

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