Episode 10

Emotional Inclusion x Longchamp



Jean Cassegrain

Global CEO of Longchamp


Episode Summary

In this episode, Jean Cassegrain, global CEO of Longchamp, will share with us his company values; how he believes that companies’ health insurance policies should cover mental well-being as an integral dimension to overall health and make progress towards the direction of a more emotionally inclusive environment.

In this Episode:

Existence of emotion in the luxury and fashion industry

How Longchamp connects with its customers with its stories; beyond bags and fashion

Differences of a family business vs a normal business

Mental health being another dimension of health

Effects of working from home on company employees’ mental health and well-being

Longchamp’s health policies and initiatives that deliver care for its employees’ mental health in this pandemic

How mental health issues and illnesses might be the next wave of this pandemic

5 critical elements for overall well-being

Company leaders’ responsibility in making sure that the work place in itself is not a mental health issue

Longchamp brand values that translate to company values values that cater to the humanity of the individuals they lead

Longchamp’s values of authenticity, energy, and sincerity

Important Quotes:

"Culture, which is a shadow of the leader, is also a shared way of doing something with passion; and that passion simply cannot exist without emotion."

"Health, mental health, is one aspect of health and I think as companies we are also used to engaging in health policies for our employees."

"We should take mental health as seriously as other health issues; and maybe consider mental health as one other dimension of health that needs to be taken into account and taken care of in the broader context of health policies of the company."

"It’s being widely recognized around the world that the next wave of this pandemic is really about mental health."

"So as a leader, I think our job is to keep our eyes and ears open; not turn a blind eye and make sure that we see and understand what happens."

"Our job is to make sure that our public understands these brand values of authenticity and energy but it also translates into corporate values; values that we need to nurture in our everyday life within the company."

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