Episode 5

Emotional Inclusion @ Johnson & Johnson!



Jan Meurer

President J&J South East Asia at Johnson & Johnson


Episode Summary

In this episode of the Emotional Inclusion podcast, Jan Meurer, President of Johnson & Johnson SEA, talks about effects of emotional inclusion at Johnson & Johnson, why it’s important to listen and never assume anything about anybody, helping employees overcome mental difficulties and so much more.

In this Episode:

[1:56] Guest introduction.

[9:55] Corporate social responsibility.

[15:06] Emotional inclusion at Johnson & Johnson.

[26:57] Employee feedback on emotional inclusion at Johnson & Johnson.

[31:55] Other people's reaction to emotional inclusion.

[40:01] Episode takeaway.

Important Quotes:

"You can be incredibly successful as a professional, as a private person even if you face moments or episodes of mental difficulties."

"You should never assume anything about anybody."

"Listening and never assuming."

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