Episode 23

Ei x Alignment with Hortense Le Gentil

Horense Le Gentil, 9 juillet 2021


Hortense Le Gentil

Executive Leadership Coach and Author of Aligned

Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu (Emotional Inclusion Founder) and Hortense Le Gentil (Global executive leadership coach & author) dive deep into the concept of alignment and being connected to oneself. How it affects the ways leaders navigate their roles and the positive impact it brings to their teams and to the workplace.

Hortense Le Gentil

Hortense is a global executive leadership coach and the author of the widely applauded “Aligned: Connecting Your True Self with the Leader You’re Meant to Be.” She works with CEOs and other senior executives around the world to help them lead with authenticity and close the gap between the leader they are and the leader they want to be. She is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered™ coach and part of MG100 Coaches. Hortense’s executive coaching is informed by her 30 years in business, working across a number of industries—including media consulting, advertising, and entrepreneurship. She has been working on and delivering executive leadership programs at various Fortune 500 companies and for CEO Perspectives. She is ranked #5 on the Global Gurus list by World Management Global Gurus and was a 2021 nominee of the Thinkers 50 Coaching and Mentoring Awards. She is a contributor to Harvard Business Review and ThriveGlobal.com. Her thought-leadership has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. and Business Insider.

In this Episode:

Workplace cultural differences

Being aligned and connected with oneself

Different roles as a leader

Fears within the workplace

Limitations and mind traps

Improving connection with your team

Leadership vs Management

Important Quotes:

“How you can get aligned is to take the time to reflect, and to think about what is important for you; what drives you, what gives you energy, how you want to be remembered as a leader.” - Hortense Le Gentil

“We have gained the awareness that breathing more humanity within our workplace is direly needed, and that has of course shifted how leaders themselves lead as a consequence.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

“The concept of alignment and unlocking yourself is really to free yourself from what’s holding you back to be who you are and the leader you really can be.” - Hortense Le Gentil

“Emotions are really the gateway to each other’s humanness in so many ways.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

“In fact emotion, empathy, it’s really the way to connect with people.” - Hortense Le Gentil

“Showcasing our humanness, our emotional realms if you will, doesn’t mean being on full display talking about and verbalizing every single emotion. But it’s about showing up as our true authentic selves and saying “It’s okay to be human. It’s safe to be human.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

“Everything begins with you. With your emotions, with who you are, who you want to be, how you want to show up, how you want to be remembered.” - Hortense Le Gentil

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