Episode 21

Ei x AXA : Mental Health & Insurances with Gordon Watson



Gordon Watson

CEO AXA Asia & Africa


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu and Gordon Watson diven dive deep into how companies can create a meaningful mental health culture in their organizations. How an index of science-based best practices can affect positive business and personal change not only in insurance, but across different industries.

Gordon Watson

Gordon is the CEO for AXA Asia, an experienced and energetic leader with a strong track record of delivering results. He is also a member of the group’s management committee. Gordon’s career in the insurance industry spans more than 30 years, including as regional CEO for AIA, as well as leading the group’s corporate solutions, partnership distribution, and AIA Vitality businesses from 2011 to 2017; he was also regional president for AIG Life in Japan and Korea from 2008 to 2010. He has held many key senior roles based out of London, New York, Nairobi, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Gordon holds an MBA from the University of Hull in the UK and is a fellow of the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute and the Society of Marketing. He is also the founding chair of Shared Value Project (SVP) in Hong Kong, where he works with private companies to tackle social issues.

In this Episode:

Mental health visibility

Ethisphere Institute & One Mind

Mental health Index of best practices for companies’ self assessment

Creating mental health culture in companies

Leaders' role and responsibility in mental health company practices

Sustainability of mental health practices in companies

Inclusion of mental health in Insurances

Important Quotes:

"Each person, to be all you can be in a company needs to come in, needs to bring the best of themselves to work and be able to thrive there.” - Gordon Watson

"For me as a CEO, we want high performance, but people need to come in and they need to feel comfortable that they can thrive.” - Gordon Watson

"If you really get mental health culture right, it should be robust and strong enough for everyone.” - Gordon Watson

"How can we create an overall robust mental health culture that really allows employees to bring the best of themselves to work everyday no matter who they are and really have a meritocracy and a team that supports each other?” - Gordon Watson

"We really have the moral obligation to look beyond and exercise deep awareness in that realm because a lot can be hidden behind a smile.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"Emotional inclusion, it’s really all about the doing because inclusion is an action.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"There is such a stigma behind mental health but we need to be walking our talk in making ripples of change and allowing there to be a work landscape for the generations to come where they can truly bring their full selves at work.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"Unless we see employee mental well-being through a medical lens, it cannot be sustainable.” - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"If you look after the mental health of your employees it’s going to affect your business in a very positive way; morale, engagement, etc.” - Gordon Watson

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