Episode 19

Ei x Golin: “Going All In” With Mental Health



Darren Burns

President, Asia Pacific at GOLIN



Jane Morgan

DEI Lead, Asia Pacific at GOLIN


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu with Darren Burns and Jane Morgan of Golin, dive deep into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the workplace. They discuss how mental health support, importance, and discussions, bring people and the company, change that matters.

Darren Burns

President of Golin Asia, Darren is a seasoned regional communications leader who has spent over two decades leading agencies in Taipei and Shanghai before relocating to Singapore in early 2019. His proven track record on evolving and implementing world class client service that drives real impact is unequivocal. Darren is also a lecturer, a speaker and a fellow podcaster.

Jane Morgan

is the Managing Director at Golin / Head of Client Services APAC. Jane joined Golin at HK in 2016 after senior roles at Ketchum and Edelman. Her record as an innovator in the region around talent, DEI and mental health, and her ability to create high performing teams is undeniable. Jane is passionate, driven, kind and always such a joy to speak to in our sharing of the mission.

In this Episode:

What makes an exceptional leader?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Identifying and accepting mental health struggles

Asia for Asia - local level support

Therapist support in the company

Leaders creating an environment allowing vulnerability and openness

Normalizing mental health discussions

Mental health spectrum

Covid as an accelerant for mental health importance and discussion

Important Quotes:

"Go all in." - Golin

"Fix it before it breaks." - Golin

"Listen first, act, test and learn, and move things forward because together we can really create change and it has to be driven from the top." - Darren Burns

"Healthy emotions play a fundamental and participatory role in success and actually failing to recognize this is not just stigma, but it’s denial." - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"The moment you start to act then the trust builds. Then you’ll find that people will open up and will start speaking a little bit more openly because they trust that you're listening to them and making the changes that they require." - Jane Morgan

"5 things to humanize the workplace:
- Listen
- Act
- Show your human side
- Make the phrase "it’s always been done that way" outlawed
- Be agile with your decision making and constantly evolve"
Jane Morgan

"Having this open discussion, collaboration, but led from the top with bottom up feedback, has definitely been a game changer for us." - Darren Burns

"It’s life saving, and it’s life changing in so many ways to have that one person listen to you and what you have to say." - Mollie Jean De Dieu

"We take care of our people, and that essentially takes care of the business." Mollie Jean De Dieu

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