Episode 6

EI & Mental Wellness



Dr Indigo

Success and Mind Wellness Practitioner, Author

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Emotional Inclusion podcast, Dr. Indigo, a success, mind and wellness practitioner, talks about workforce diversity, the stigma around mental health in the workforce, equality in corporations, why it’s important to have someone who will listen to you in the workplace and so much more.

In this Episode:

[1:52] Guest introduction.

[6:06] The stigma around mental health in the workforce.

[8:32] Why do some leaders refuse to look after the emotional well being of their employees?

[12:08] Equality in corporations.

[17:06] Transnational coaching and business career consulting.

[23:13] Exercising the mind, body and spirit connection.

[28:24] Performance management.

[35:42] Episode takeaway.

Important Quotes:

"Diversity is natural."

"Forgiveness and letting go is a mind action."

"Find someone who will hear you, who will listen to you."

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