Episode 13

Leading with Emotion Through Trust & Intuition with Bettina von Schlippe



Bettina von Schlippe

Publisher of Vogue Singapore

Founder of R.S.V.P


Episode Summary

In this episode, Mollie Jean De Dieu sits down with the radiant Bettina von Schlippe to discuss how leadership empathy and compassion can bring Emotional Inclusion to the workplace. Finding balance in the essential emotional well-being of the workforce while achieving a successful business.

Bettina von Schlippe

She is currently the publisher of Vogue in Singapore. She has worked in publishing and media for over two decades and is no stranger to taking on new challenges with poised determination. Bettina is also the founder of R.S.V.P, a fashion & lifestyle marketing communications agency based in both Singapore & Russia. A big chunk of Bettina’s life was spent in Moscow, where previous to launching RSVP, she worked in PR, media relations and event management with BBDO (where she oversaw the accounts for Johnson & Johnson, Martini and Gillette to name a few) and then moved on to Conde Nast Russia where she was responsible for the communication for Vogue, GQ, and the Architectural Digest publications. Now based in Singapore, the center of luxury lifestyle in Southeast Asia, Bettina has been missioned with unleashing Vogue. She is a smart, witty, strong woman who inspires many and carries herself with such grace and genuine love for mankind.

In this Episode:

Leadership duties on employee’s emotional well-being

Balance of workforce well-being and having a successful business

Progression of business mindset throughout the years regarding humanness in the workplace

Alignment of leader and therapist on business vision and workforce emotional wellness

Leader’s empathy and compassion for employee well-being and motivation

The question of "how to" regarding vulnerability and self-regulation in the workplace

Covid-19’s impact on corporate growth and emotional sustainability

Power of verbal and non-verbal communication

Social media’s role in one’s emotional well-being

Important Quotes:

"You have legal advice, and you have other advisors, why shouldn't we apply the same system for emotions?"

"You have to be self-aware. You need to manage your own emotions before you can manage the emotions of others and people around you."

"You’re not always right and you have to admit it. And I think that as well as a spirit of good leadership, you are open about it because if you want your team to be behind you, they need to understand it’s authentic how you are."

"What I learned in these 9 months is to listen very carefully and not have a ready made concept."

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